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DIY DSLR Shoulder Rig out of all of this…tried a lot…I’m now on to bicycle parts…@GavHops @lukedyy #DSLR #DIY

I was chatting to Gavin Hopkins(@GavHops, about this. He uses a SHAPE Sumo 1 shoulder rig which is good. only moving parts are the handles and the weight at the back. ‘Rock Solid’ as he puts it…still! It costs something like £300 pounds! for what is essentially some kick ass handles, a flat bit of steel and a curved padded bit! Then you have to buy a base plate etc.

So after destroying my last DIY DSLR shoulder rig I am now onto bicycle parts and welding! I plan to use all you see below as well as a DIY shoulder pad made from an old bag. See if you can work out the plan. Using the Shape as inspiration I am going for a solid construction which can be adjusted but only by allen key…won’t be as flexible as the Sumo’s handles but if I do need to reposition then it will be a matter of 40 seconds or so.

Without further delay, here are my parts(excluding shoulder pad):






Enjoy working that one out 😉 …bit of angle grinding, welding and the like and I’ll be sorted! Will keep you all up to date!;)


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