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Rode Rockumentary Competition Film- The Bone Her Supremacy [Behind The Scenes] 18+

Hello all,

I was recently in the car with Gavin Hopkins who we work with regularly at Befour Creative and he was telling me about a project he was planning for a Rode microphone competition where you have to produce a 30sec to 2min film that contains, in shot, a Rode microphone! Going completely against the grain:

Immediately inspired I got to thinking about sound and porn. I want you to know that this was not my immediate leap but if you have seen Gavin’s flat and been to an Improv Dogs show then you would see why it was up there with the best of ideas…in fact, why don’t you see for yourself. This short was devised in 2 days, filmed in a little over 2 hours, in two takes and edited in a day. All improvised with nothing more than a situation, character names, back stories, a Z7 and creativity.

Starring the Improv Dogs Stephen McCole, Karen Fraser, Vince Docherty and Stephanie Robinson, as well as none other than Gavin Hopkins! Here is the link:

And here is the Gav mans film entry as well!…Sadly, Gavin did not return the favour of having me act in his film…He knows my acting ability too well!

Big thanks to everyone who helped on the film!

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