befour creative does wordpress. here are our ramblings…

who is befour creative?

we are a digital film production studio based in glasgow, scotland. with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the digital film production market as well as the narrative fictionindustry, we have the experience you need in order to create a truly captivating digital video masterpiece, no matter what your budget.

we may be one of scotland’s most dynamic film, television and corporate video production companies based in glasgow, but we serve all of scotland including, edinburgh, falkirk, fife, greenock and paisley. added to our coverage of scotland, we have further arms to the business based in london, bristol and the southwest, allowing our tv, film and video production services to be available to the whole of the uk

befour creative offers a full range of professional affordable video production services, using high-definition broadcast quality equipment, industry trained professionals and the creative flare to produce a lasting impression on your desired audience.

our clients need film for a variety of reasons, whether it be a promotional video for your website, an affordable music video, a showreel to promote their casting, a recording of a live stage show, a corporate health and safety video, an event documentation film or even video podcasts, befour creative has the experience to translate your ideas from paper drawings to 1080p hd fx-happy cinematic masterpieces.

broadcasting and distributing film online is exploding at a massive rate, the internet has expanded massively in the past 10 years allowing for easy access to digital video content. our high quality videos can be streamed online or as a podcast, they can be broadcast on television or distributed as a dvd video accessible to anyone with a dvd player.

fronted by managing director luke yerbury, with ten years experience in the business to business advertising market and supported nationally by a highly trained ninja team of media buffs, there’s not much we can’t achieve without a set of primes, a clapper board and a couple of rolls of duct tape.

jokes aside, we love what we do, which is why we’re so keen to pass on our knowledge of moving image onto our clients to give them the very best from their film and video productions.

unlike so many companies in the uk, we’re happy to give you a ballpark figure online to allow you to get an idea of how little our services cost. we’re not claiming to be the cheapest company around, but we take huge amounts of pride in what we do, that paired with theaftercare and followup service we offer to our clients, we think our value is unparalleled.

if you want to get in touch then fire us across an email or give us a call, it never hurts to ask a question, we don’t bite!


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