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Rode Rockumentary Competition Film- The Bone Her Supremacy [Behind The Scenes] 18+

Hello all,

I was recently in the car with Gavin Hopkins who we work with regularly at Befour Creative and he was telling me about a project he was planning for a Rode microphone competition where you have to produce a 30sec to 2min film that contains, in shot, a Rode microphone! Going completely against the grain:

Immediately inspired I got to thinking about sound and porn. I want you to know that this was not my immediate leap but if you have seen Gavin’s flat and been to an Improv Dogs show then you would see why it was up there with the best of ideas…in fact, why don’t you see for yourself. This short was devised in 2 days, filmed in a little over 2 hours, in two takes and edited in a day. All improvised with nothing more than a situation, character names, back stories, a Z7 and creativity.

Starring the Improv Dogs Stephen McCole, Karen Fraser, Vince Docherty and Stephanie Robinson, as well as none other than Gavin Hopkins! Here is the link:

And here is the Gav mans film entry as well!…Sadly, Gavin did not return the favour of having me act in his film…He knows my acting ability too well!

Big thanks to everyone who helped on the film!

DIY DSLR Shoulder Rig out of all of this…tried a lot…I’m now on to bicycle parts…@GavHops @lukedyy #DSLR #DIY

I was chatting to Gavin Hopkins(@GavHops, about this. He uses a SHAPE Sumo 1 shoulder rig which is good. only moving parts are the handles and the weight at the back. ‘Rock Solid’ as he puts it…still! It costs something like £300 pounds! for what is essentially some kick ass handles, a flat bit of steel and a curved padded bit! Then you have to buy a base plate etc.

So after destroying my last DIY DSLR shoulder rig I am now onto bicycle parts and welding! I plan to use all you see below as well as a DIY shoulder pad made from an old bag. See if you can work out the plan. Using the Shape as inspiration I am going for a solid construction which can be adjusted but only by allen key…won’t be as flexible as the Sumo’s handles but if I do need to reposition then it will be a matter of 40 seconds or so.

Without further delay, here are my parts(excluding shoulder pad):






Enjoy working that one out 😉 …bit of angle grinding, welding and the like and I’ll be sorted! Will keep you all up to date!;)

1:2 Scale moving model of a jet engine made out of lego? Touché.

This certainly trumps my attempts at building a lego house last night with my 3 year old daughter.

I say lets get some high octane fuel in that thing and see how it runs!


befour creative

Your 3 Step Fringe Festival Show Film! Even a bag full of Kumquats have ordered one! #Fringe @edfringe @freefringefest

Good bye to the complexity of organising your fringe festival film and hello to our 3 step Film offer! Check it out!


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The average person watches 182 online videos per month so make sure your fringe show film is one of them with Befour Creative’s Fringe Films.

Teaser Trailer: Want us to film a teaser trailer to promote your show in the run up to the fringe??? Set yourself apart and go viral! These can also be ordered during the festival with a super short turn around!

Full Show Filming: You’ve put so much time and hard work into your show so why not get it professionally filmed? Perfect for future promotion and advertising, self reflection and development and for protecting your copyright.

Short Doco: Looking to tell the story behind your show. We can develop a short doco for you to do just that. Interviews, performances, stock footage, photographs…you name it and we’ll produce it.

Want a quote right now? Befour Creative’s Fringe Festival Filmy Guy is at hand.  

Contact Fynn on answering these 3 easy questions:

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Be filmed. Be noticed. Befour Creative.

Fynn’s been out snapping some 360 panoramas! Street League football (Soccer for you Ausies;) pitch in George Square

Iv’e been out snapping up some panoramas recently for some upcoming work. Here are some examples for you to check out:

If you like them and don’t already do so, follow us on twitter, Facebook and check us out online!

Fynn Elkington
Creative Director

We get our hands on our very own Glidetrack Hybrid HD soon! All thanks to the innovative minds @Glidetrack!. Behappy, Befour Creative!

It will soon be ours! I am already getting all giddy at the thought of playing with this quality slider!…And even more exciting, we will be doing some work with Glidetrack so keep you eyes pealed! 

Check them out, Like, Follow and talk about Glidetrack. Local business, internationally recognised!

Great example videos here:

Behappy, Befour Creative