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We now have a Vimeo Channel! Please subscribe if you are a Vimeo fiend!

I have been working on organising some of the work we have been involved with on a vimeo channel. Befour Creative host a lot of our own videos but I am moving things from my own personal Vimeo account ( to the be four creative Vimeo channel:

Here you can check out some of our recent work!

Behappy, Befour Creative.


Brilliant Field of View for different cameras/lens combos:

I have been reading and watching everything I can to do with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera, or as it has been shortened the BCC! Only issue is the sensor size and the affect it has on field of view!…My Canon 60D has a crop factor of x1.6 which means any lens you put on, times the focal length by 1.6 and you get the equivalent field of view of that lens. With the BMC we are talking smaller, smaller, smaller. Bout a quarter of the size of the 5D full frame and around the size of a 4/3rd sensor…some have worked out we are talking a crop factor of 2.5!!! Yikes!

But perhaps with a super wide lens it will make a difference….well, here is a good article from Marco Solorio from OneRiver Media:

Want to check out the field of view site…It is very good and brought to you by Abelcine:

Still wondering how we get a wide wide on this camera?….So am I…perhaps only suited to our creative work.

Should I sell my 60D and upgrade to the 5D mkIII???

Cool As Summer:

I was out on the weekend with my GoPro HeroHD 2 so decided to take some footage and cut together a summer mashup…double quick! Check it!

Amazing comedy! @Improvdogs @thebungo 3rd Sunday of every month! Intro film by @tweetbefour #improv #improvdogs

We were out filming a wee intro film for Glasgow’s best improv comedy act, Improv Dogs! @Improvdogs and

Check them out and check out the film. You’ll be able to guess the homage rather easily me thinks 🙂 Stay tuned for more and come down next performance to see what happens next!

Hard Debt

Luke and I have been lending our skills to help out on a film called Hard Debt for Honours year student Stephanie Robinson. The film follows the story of Victor, a debt collector who ends up using questionable tactics to reunite with his family. How far will he go to get what he wants?

You can check out the trailer here:

Full film coming soon!

how common is your birthday?

I was literally JUST thinking about this the other day, then BOOM! there it is. It's like they read my mind.

How common is your birthday? mine is the 23rd most common date in the year. No surprises there though, I accepted that years ago when I realised it was 9 months after christmas. Thanks Mum and Dad

Show off your business through the words of your satisfied customers! From £1400 complete film.

Testimonial films are a brilliant way to let your happy customers sing your praises. No scripts, no actors, just genuine comments from real customers. See how you could utilise a testimonial film for your business over at our brand new website!

We’re shooting complete films from £1400. If you have a film requirement and you’d like some advice then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, we don’t bite!

here’s a recent testimonial shot for our good friends at Alliance Wine.

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